Meet the Movers

Our Story

Our first Pre-school opened its doors last November 19, 2012 at the Habitat for Humanity Philippines Housing Site in Brgy. Tanza, Navotas City. That inauguration was the fulfillment of our founder's dream of opening an early childhood school for the marginalized members of our society. Ms. Alexandra Eduque, our founder and chairperson (who is also the founder and chairperson of Habitat for Humanity Philippines Youth Council), envisions a Philippines where every child is given the right to early childhood education in order for him/her to develop to his/her fullest potential, and make a jumpstart at his/her dreams. MOVE.Org Foundation Inc. came about in her attempts to bridge the development gap and provide a platform to initiate holistic transformation in Habitat for Humanity communities, beginning with bringing education to marginalized children and educating their families alongside. As of March 2014, 46 Kindergarten students graduated from our Navotas school and have successfully moved on to Grade 1 at the nearby public elementary school.

Through the generosity of her friends and many others who believe in her cause, we now have five sites: one school in Navotas and one in Pasig in partnership with Barangay Capt. JunJun Concepcion, and 3 schools in the 3rd District of Camarines Sur, in partnership with Cong. Leny Robredo, all in all serving 250 children. It is our hope to bring the best early childhood education to the marginalized communities of our society. Through our MovEd Learning Lab, we believe in the holistic and simultaneous formation of our students’ values, and that of their families. While our emphasis is on providing a quality early childhood education for every student, we also recognize the equal importance of the environment of the child. Our classrooms serve as a nurturing environment to a child’s cognitive and affective learning. We are a staunch believer in the impact of physical space on a child’s learning and believe that its layout and aesthetic aspects are effective in fostering encounters, communications and relationships that encourage critical thinking and problem solving. This enhances cognitive learning, and is further substantiated by a pedagogy that caters specifically to the needs of the individual child based on his/her family background and socio-economic culture as deemed appropriate by the teacher. Combining the Reggio Approach, Montessori Method, and Dewey’s pedagogic creed provides "the first level of mediation to help families with transitions to a new place, culture, and school system" – a crucial component of this research given that the students are from families that may have been consistently uprooted (and have just been given a home in the Habitat for Humanity community) or have lived in poverty all their lives and have had no access to education till now.

We also believe that improving early childhood education and the environment where the children are, contributes to forming better families. In line with this principle, we also developed MovEd Family Care Center, as our second flagship program. This center ensures that the values taught to the children inside the classroom are aligned with the values inside their homes. Given that the families we cater to come from the most vulnerable sectors of society, many of seek guidance in values formation. Our Family Care Center helps every family develop a value system that is appropriate to and effective for proper child rearing.

And for our third flagship program Move Health in partnership with Century Canning, headed by Mr. Chris Po, President & CEO, believes that every student should have a healthy mind and nourished body in order to function well in school and to support the development of a nurtured mind and healthy spirit, through a daily in class feeding program which has a goal of zero malnutrition.