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Partners in Mission


CISM children from preschool raised funds through a car wash activity, Grade 5 students interviewed MovEd Lab kids teachers and parents and gathered old toys, books and manipulative toys for the playcenters. Other grades created teaching materials like Bingo, Tic Tac Toe games, shapes and colors for the different MovEd Learning labs.



Teacher training program & Alpabasa Kits

In order to maintain MovEd’s unique pedagogy where the emphasis is learning is fun and a lot of experience based activities MovEd, invests heavily in teacher training using special manipulatives developed by Alpabasa Tisha Gonzalez-Cruz.  Training was conducted by early childhood development expert and consultant Sholeh Villoria.



NCR & Bicol Teacher training with consultant Sholeh Villoria

We also had volunteer Nancy Palmer teach MovEd teachers how to create manipulative teaching materials from recycled items like bottle caps, empty milk cartons, everyday household items like empty toilet paper tubes, etc.


Habi Education Lab is MovEd’s  outside monitoring team who were tasked to evaluate MovEd learning lab classrooms and teachers in the third District of Camarines Sur, Bicol and NCR 


In the photo L-R Gerson Abesamis & Clifton Esteban with MovEd Alex Eduque, Bukay Lagman, Jennie de los Santos and kids from MovEd Learning Lab Monserrat, Bicol.